Saturday, March 10, 2012

(((Seminar I))) Mourning the Loss of...

still from video piece

untitled, video, 2012

2011 - 2012 Various Works

Theses are various works over the last few semesters at school.

untitled, graphite, 2011

untitled, acrylic and graphite on wood, 2011

untitled, acrylic and graphite on wood, 2011

expend, acrylic and graphite, 2012

from the residue series:

residue 1 (christmas past)

residue 2 (christmas past)

digital scan, 2012

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Drawing II is over, thank goodness...

Drawing II was the biggest waste of time...this is my final for the class, its drawing class not watercolor class, gah!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


my friends

i drew my friends really fast in class with a nice ink pen

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Hollow Self"

"Hollow Self" 2011, 2 x 8
Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Paper

This is a new piece, a portrait of a friend.

"Heavy Handed"

Recent work entitled, "Heavy Handed" 2011, 6 x 6, 
Graphite and Color Pencil on Mixed Media Paper

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Balloon Series

This is one of a series im gonna do about balloons.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010