Monday, January 18, 2010


Possibly the coolest person I have ever met...

Dustin is cool...


I really liked doing these, felt almost like filming a scene in a movie.

Robert is cool...


Photography I Welcome to Hell...hahaha

So I'm starting the new semester and wanted to share some photography with you all.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


There we go, I have completely updated this Blog, the posts will definitely be slowing down, hahaha, but I'll try to do a few a week...considering if anyone follows this page...we'll see.....until then, have fun!

More of My Style...

This is the latest piece I have done, another 18in. x 24in. done with pencil then I used Micron Pens and a Sharpie to make it look all good and stuff, haha. This is probably my favorite so far.

Back to My Style!

This is an 18in. x 24in. drawing I made in pencil then I went back over it with Micron Pens and a sharpie. This is more of my style where I try to fill the entire page with all my various creations and such...

The Skull!!!! Oh no, my computer messed up the size so it looks all funky...please forgive me!

Everybody draws one but I just had to...I really liked it, one of the few that my Professor actually liked, haha.

Horray! I used a grid.

This is a "Grotesque Head", one of Da Vinci's I believe, I had to do an exact replica of it for my Drawing I class, I think it worked out well.

Another Charcoal - with the same Wipe Out Method

I liked this one a little more than the other...

Charcoal - Wipe Out Method


An adult Giraffe and Young Giraffe.

Sketch of my little sister...


There's more to it and its blurry...oh well

"Standing on Hands"

Another sketch...why not?

My Halloween Costume Idea..

It didn't turn out quite like this, but I tried my best...oh well

Now to my New Work!

What to do with the first page of a fresh new sketch book...hmmmm...


I wanted to upload a lot of my old work, I'll be posting some new ones later today or later in the week...I hope you enjoy them and comments are always welcome.

This is a Watercolor that I did awhile back...

This is a drawing of my grandfather that I put together by using words, I used pen for this piece, its a little old but I like it.

Old Pieces That I Wanted to Share With You...

First is a little drawing I made, I used Pencil [which is my favorite medium] and the hands were purposely drawn larger for emphasis, that's how I pictured it in my head so I just drew it that way, haha. Well here you go, oh and the ". . ." was just a last minute addition.